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Innovative Technology

With decades of experience in manufacturing and market trends, SourceCold is proud to offer only the most advanced and innovative ice maker technology to our global customers.

Global Trading

As a top ice maker brand, SourceCold is dedicated to providing a seamless trading experience.

Global Reach

SourceCold’s online shop, SourceCold.COM, allows us to reach customers around the world with our top-of-the-line ice makers.

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Top of the Line Ice Makers

SourceCold is proud to be one of the world’s top ice maker brands, with advanced technologies and decades of experience in manufacturing and market.

Our ice makers are suitable for a variety of purposes, whether it’s for cold drinks, medical use, or refreshing cold logistics.

At SourceCold, we are committed to providing top-quality ice makers to our global customers. Our goal is to make the world a cooler place, one cube at a time.

Browse our selection of ice makers and find the perfect one for your needs.

Our Ice Maker Selection

Top Quality Ice Makers for All Needs

Welcome to SourceCold, your one-stop-shop for the best ice makers on the market.


Perfect for Bars, Restaurants, and Homes

Our ice makers are perfect for keeping your drinks cold and refreshing. Check out our selection now!


Reliable and Efficient for Medical Use

At SourceCold, we also offer ice makers specifically designed for medical purposes. Browse our selection of medical ice makers now!


Keep Your Products Cold During Transportation

If you need to transport cold or frozen products, our ice makers for cold logistics are the perfect solution.

Welcome to SourceCold.COM

SourceCold is a leading global ice maker brand, offering advanced technologies and decades of manufacturing experience.

SourceCold.COM – Your Global Online Shop for the Best Ice Makers

Welcome to SourceCold.COM – the leading online shop for all your ice maker needs!

Shop wholesale, retail, and distribution of all types of ice makers from the comfort of your own home.

Cutting-edge technology

Discover the Source Cold Difference

Experience the excellence of Sourcecold ice makers with industry-leading features and advanced technology that bring convenience and sophistication to your ice-making needs.

Crystal-clear perfection

Taste the difference of crystal-clear, slow-melted ice that enhances the flavor of your drinks and elevates your presentations.

  • Slow-melting ice for impeccable presentations
  • No more cloudy cubes or unpleasant aftertaste
  • Elevate the flavor of your drinks

Variety is the spice of life

Choose from a range of models offering various ice shapes and sizes, from classic cubes to gourmet spheres.

  • Various ice shapes and sizes available
  • Classic cubes to gourmet spheres
  • Catering to your every need and desire

Sustainable indulgence

At Sourcecold, we prioritize eco-friendly practices with energy-efficient designs and sustainable materials. Enjoy the indulgence of ice with a conscience.

  • Environmentally-conscious ice makers
  • Energy-efficient designs for guilt-free ice

What our Clients are Saying

We bought an ice maker from SourceCold and were blown away by its rapid production, quiet operation, and self-cleaning function.

Industry-Leading Features

Convenience and Sophistication Combined

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After purchasing an ice maker from SourceCold, we can confidently say that it was a smart investment.

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Meet Our Team

Behind the Scenes

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to create cutting-edge ice maker technology that elevates your drinks and impresses your guests.

Passionate Experts

Crafting the perfect ice

Our team is made up of experts in the ice maker industry, utilizing their passion and expertise to design and create the perfect ice for your drinks.

Creative Minds

Innovative ice solutions

Our team of creative minds is always thinking outside of the box to develop new and innovative ice solutions that will enhance your drinks and impress your guests.

Introduce Ice Making Revolution

Owning a Sourcecold Ice Maker

Owning a Sourcecold ice maker isn’t just about convenience; It’s a statement piece for your home bar or kitchen, a conversation starter that reflects your appreciation for the finer things.

Welcome to Source Cold

Welcome! Source Cold is a professional ice maker brand[…]

Enhance Your Ice Experience

Discover the difference that crystal-clear, perfect ice can make.

Global Trading Business

SourceCold.COM serves as an online shop for all your ice maker needs, with wholesale, retail, and distribution options available.

Advanced Technology and Expertise

With decades of manufacturing and market experience, SourceCold has become one of the top ice maker brands globally.

Owning a Sourcecold ice maker isn’t just about convenience; it’s about embracing innovation and indulging in unmatched ice quality. It’s a statement piece for your home bar or kitchen, a conversation starter that reflects your appreciation for the finer things.

Discover the Art of Ice Making with SourceCold

At SourceCold, we believe that every ice cube is a masterpiece.

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